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Started: 2020-09-29 15:04:21
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Javier Quinteros
2020-09-29 15:04:21
Dear WG2 members,

I'm forwarding you a message from IRIS and ORFEUS, who are providing a first version of the documentation for the StationXML format. Our community will benefit from this and the plan is that each of us could thoroughly review the content of the documentation to early detect errors or inaccuracies. We recommend to report these in the Github Issue Tracker at
Looking forward to reading your feedback.
IRIS and ORFEUS have supported the development of comprehensive StationXML format documentation, which was carried out by ISTI. This effort, combined with a parallel effort to define "source identifiers" already being considered by the WG, supersedes the need for SEED documentation as a reference for StationXML metadata.
A draft of the documentation is available here:
The documentation source has been developed in a branch (draft) of the FDSN's canonical StationXML repository and is ready to be merged back into that repository for long term stewardship by WG II.
To avoid duplicating the documentation of each element/field, the canonical XSD (XML Schema) definition has been modified to embed documentation in the schema document itself. An audit process has been used to ensure that no structural definitions have been changed.
We anticipate that there will be comments from the WG membership and we suggest that all comments be addressed and applied in a single batch of changes after the comment period closes.
Best regards,
IRIS Data Services and ORFEUS
Javier Quinteros
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