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ZW (2004-2005): TIPTEQ North

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FDSN code ZW (2004-2005) Network name TIPTEQ North
Start year 2004 Operated by
End year 2005 Deployment region

Understanding the factors leading to large earthquakes in the coupling zone of convergent margins and their interrelation with surface deformation were the main aims of the international and interdisciplinary research initiative TIPTEQ (“From The Incoming Plate To megaThrust EarthQuake Processes”). Between Nov. 2004 and Oct. 2005 we deployed 2 temporary, amphibious seismic arrays in South-Central Chile. In this region the 1960 Mw = 9.5 earthquake nucleated. The northern network between 37° and 39°S was formed by up to 120 digitally recording land stations (equipped with short-period sensors) and 10 Ocean Bottom Seismometers/Hydrophones (OBS/OBH).

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.14470/MJ7559637482
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