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ZI (2001-2005): Polynesian Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Experiment (PLUME)

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FDSN code ZI (2001-2005) Network name Polynesian Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Experiment (PLUME) (PLUME, French Polynesia)
Start year 2001 Operated by
  • University Montpellier II (UM2 UMSF), France
End year 2005 Deployment region

PLUME (Polynesian Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Experiment) aims to study the upper mantle structure beneath the french Polynesia. Our objectives are to image hotspots in the upper mantle and their connection with the South Pacific "superplume", to probe the large-scale mantle flow and how this flow is affected by the plumes and the lithospheric structure (e.g., fracture zones) and to investigate the plume-lithosphere interaction. The LDG/CEA permanent stations in the region have been supplemented by the deployment of 9 broadband stations, started in november 2001 for a period of five years. PLUME stations cover the various archipelagos and sample three oceanic domains with lithospheric ages varying from 30 to 100 ma, separated by two oceanic transforms (the Marquesas and Australs transforms). The covered area could contains five hotspots. Data should allow to improve significantly the resolution of tomographic images (especially for surface waves) and the seismic anisotropy database (SKS splitting and surface waves anisotropy) available in the Pacific mantle.


Citation Information

Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/ZI_2001
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Published Description

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