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YQ (2020-2022): Establishing a new, permanent seismic station in Mammoth Cave National Park

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FDSN code YQ (2020-2022) Network name Establishing a new, permanent seismic station in Mammoth Cave National Park (ESSMC)
Start year 2020 Operated by
  • University of Kentucky
End year 2022 Deployment region -

We at the Kentucky Geological Survey, Univ. of Kentucky, have obtained permission from Mammoth Cave National Park to establish a new, permanent seismic station within the cave system. With the help of park scientists, we have identified two candidate locations for the installations at depths below the surface of up to ~100m and within reasonably short distances of existing infrastructure that will permit the use of hard-lines for cables related to power, telemetry, and timing systems. Because we anticipate the environment in the cave at these depths to be very stable and cultural noise levels to be low, our intention is to eventually install a permanent, low-self-noise, broadband station, capable of recording high-quality signals at long-periods and high frequencies, for global- to local-scale earthquake seismology applications. Currently, we do not have such instrumentation at our disposal. Thus, our request for a 24-month instrumentation loan is two fold: 1. we would like to deploy complete broadband stations at both candidate sites to characterize the broadband noise levels using temporary, autonomous (i.e. no hard lines) configurations, and 2. we would like to occupy our preferred site for the time remaining in the two year period following the noise tests with a telemetered, GPS-timed configuration. If the noise tests at the two sites reveal higher than expected noise levels, then we will identify new sites for our tests and for the telemetered station. During the time that the longer-term station is operating, we will seek funding sources to purchase instrumentation to permanently occupy this site.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/YQ_2020
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