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XO (2005-2005): Eastern Black Sea Seismic Experiment

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FDSN code XO (2005-2005) Network name Eastern Black Sea Seismic Experiment
Start year 2005 Operated by
  • University of Southampton, United Kingdom
End year 2005 Deployment region

Wide-angle seismic refraction data were acquired in the eastern Black Sea to delineate the crustal structure of the rifted margins and to determine the affinity (continental v. oceanic) of thin crust in the centre of the basin. This info will be used to understand the formation of the eastern Black Sea and to gain generic insights into continental extension and rifting. During the 22-day cruise, refraction data were collected along four main profiles in the eastern Black Sea. Two profiles begin on the Turkish margin and continue into the basin center. One profile is oriented NW-SE and traverses across the thinnest crust in the centre of the basin. The fourth profile crosses the Mid-Black Sea High, a buried basement ridge that separates the eastern & western basins. Seismic data were also recorded by land seismometers positioned at the ends of 3 of the profiles onshore. 30 stations. 3 channels, 5 ms samp rate,cont. (Same exp has SEGY data as 05-009,which is restricted until 2/28/2010)

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