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XH (2022-2024): FocusX temporary OBS-network

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FDSN code XH (2022-2024) Network name FocusX temporary OBS-network (FXOBS)
Start year 2022 Operated by
  • French Research Institute for the Exploration of the Sea (IFREMER), France
End year 2024 Deployment region -

In the framework of FOCUS project, UBO, Ifremer, and GEOMAR are deploying, from the beginning of 2022 to early 2024 an offshore temporary seismic network for an active/passive seismological experiment to record sparker sources and regional seismicity in the Ionian sea (Southern Italy).

The goal of this experiment is to improve the detection of seismicity in the Ionian sea area and the accuracy of the locations. The recorded seismicity will better define the crustal structure of the region and elucidate patterns related to the fault systems. The seismicity is possibly the result of two types of tectonic activity at different depths. In this region, there is the gently NW dipping subduction interface of the Calabria subduction zone and several strike-slip faults, well expressed in the morpho-bathymetry and observed in previous seismic profiles.

The deployment of 30 temporary ocean-bottom seismometers offshore Sicily and SW Calabria by UBO, Ifremer, and GEOMAR will complement existing permanent networks and the temporary land network (FXland, network code 1J) operating during the same period (managed by INGV).

The OBS network includes 5 Nammu broadband OBS from the UBO-Ifremer park (120s Trillium sensor), 9 LotOBS from the Ifremer park (3-component geophones with a hydrophone), and 16 short-period OBS equipped with 3-component geophones and a HTI hydrophone from the GEOMAR pool.

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