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XG (2020-2020): France 2020, Dense nodal seismic array in the Rhône Valley, DARE project

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FDSN code XG (2020-2020) Network name France 2020, Dense nodal seismic array in the Rhône Valley, DARE project
Start year 2020 Operated by
End year 2020 Deployment region -

400 all-in-one 3-component seismic nodes were deployed for one month (mid-February – mid-March 2020) in the French Rhône Valley. This campaign, carried out by IRSN with the help of EGIS and SISPROBE companies, targeted a 10x10 km area near the town of Pierrelatte (Drôme, France) and the Tricastin critical facilities. This campaign aimed to characterize the local geological structure and its impact on the seismic motion in the framework of a French-German research collaboration (DARE project). Before this massive deployment, a smaller scale campaign was carried out to investigate the feasibility of the planned dense experiment. In this context, 30 nodes were deployed in the same area 3 months before (November 2019) for 2 weeks. These nodes recorded the Mw4.9 Le Teil earthquake (November 11, 2019) that occurred at about 20 km north of the 30-node network. Due to earthquake proximity and magnitude, the earthquake recordings are clipped on most of the stations. This dataset corresponds to the data acquired during these two campaigns.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.15778/RESIF.XG2020
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