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QE: Equinor

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FDSN Network Information

FDSN code QE Network name Equinor
Start year 2020 Operated by
End year - Deployment region Norway

Equinor network is designed for passive monitoring of the CO2 storage sites in offshore Norway

Stations in the Network:
HNA0 Holsnoey Array Site A0 60.610586 4.957144 UIB-NORSAR
HNA1 Holsnoey Array Site A1 60.612597 4.955569 UIB-NORSAR
HNA2 Holsnoey Array Site A2 60.611188 4.961052 UIB-NORSAR
HNA3 Holsnoey Array Site A3 60.608608 4.958067 UIB-NORSAR
HNB1 Holsnoey Array Site B1 60.614569 4.957705 UIB-NORSAR
HNB2 Holsnoey Array Site B2 60.612778 4.964564 UIB-NORSAR
HNB3 Holsnoey Array Site B3 60.608260 4.964049 UIB-NORSAR
HNB4 Holsnoey Array Site B4 60.606863 4.951376 UIB-NORSAR
HNB5 Holsnoey Array Site B5 60.611630 4.949156 UIB-NORSAR

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Additional Notes Norwegian National Seismic Network (UiB-NORSAR)

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