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7I (2003-2005): TASMAL

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FDSN code 7I (2003-2005) Network name TASMAL
Start year 2003 Operated by
End year 2005 Deployment region -

In 2003 twenty sites were installed spanning the Tasman Line and crossing from the southern to the northern Australian Cratons. The stations extend from Hopetoun in Victoria to near Normanton in Queensland and nearly all are on rocky or stony ground which should provide good coupling for the seismometers.
The design of the experimental configuration is based on simultaneous recording on both sides of the Tasman line. The instruments are grouped into a number of roughly linear profiles crossing the craton boundaries. A cluster of stations in NSW and South Australia should help to resolve the nature of the edge of the craton at depth around the Broken Hill region where there are some discrepancies between results from delay times from short-period stations and surface wave tomography. Nearly north-south profiles can be constructed on both sides of the Tasman Line linking to the permanent stations at WRA and CTAO..
STS-2 seismometers were installed at four locations with the object of achieving longer period recording for surface wave analysis. Most of the remaining sites use Guralp CMG3-ESP seismometers. Digitisers are mostly Earth Data recorders


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/7I_2003
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