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7H (2010-2025): W-Alps landslide experiments Char d Osset, Chamousset, Pont Bourquin

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FDSN code 7H (2010-2025) Network name W-Alps landslide experiments Char d Osset, Chamousset, Pont Bourquin (MOUVE-GRAVI)
Start year 2010 Operated by
  • Institut des Sciences de la Terre, France
End year 2025 Deployment region

This experiment includes several independant sites. Data devoted to ambiant noise and micro-seismicity analysis. PBOU : Pont-Bourquin clayey landslide located next to Les Diablerets, Switzerland. Small (30 m large, 100m long) but very active (2 m /year) landslide, w ith some acceleration phases. Equiped with 6 vertical velocimeters. The dataset includes several acceleration and deceleration phases. CHOU : Chamousset site is in the eastern limestone cliff, south-east of the vercors massif, western alps, France. Two 3C sensors are on a prone-to-fall limestone flake (approximately 10m large, 2m thick, 30 m high), the third 3C velocimeter located on stable ground. T he dataset includes several seasonal evoluation of natural resonant frequencies, subject to winter snow and ice cover together with daily solar insulation. COB : Char d'Osset site, up Saint Julien Mont Denis village, Maurienne valley, french Alps. Shale cliff and clayey debris flow. Little rockfall and landslide deformation activity over several years of observation, but little seasonal variations of seismic velocity (dV/V).

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.15778/RESIF.7H2010
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