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5T (2010-2022): Ireland Array

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FDSN code 5T (2010-2022) Network name Ireland Array
Start year 2010 Operated by
End year 2022 Deployment region -

Ireland Array is an array of 20 broadband seismometers that was operated by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies across the Republic of Ireland. The array comprised up to 20 stations running simultaneously, all equipped with Trillium 120PA seismometers and Taurus data loggers. The 20 stations were installed in 2010–2012. Some of the stations were moved to new locations in Ireland in the course of the operation of the array, either in order to enhance the data sampling of the island or when the old deployment sites became unsuitable. Ireland Array dramatically increased the seismic data sampling of Ireland and enabled advances and discoveries in the studies of the structure and evolution of Ireland’s crust and lithosphere, seismicity of Ireland, and mechanisms of the Paleogene intraplate volcanism in Ireland and surroundings.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.14470/0G7565901444
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