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5S (2017-2017): Lafarge-Conco Mine Distributed Acoustic Sensing Experiment (N Aurora, Illinois)

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FDSN code 5S (2017-2017) Network name Lafarge-Conco Mine Distributed Acoustic Sensing Experiment (N Aurora, Illinois)
Start year 2017 Operated by
End year 2017 Deployment region -

The Lafarge-Conco mine experiment was conducted to investigate the use Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) to test the feasibility of mine-scale monitoring to enhance safety and to characterize changes in rock properties associated with mining activity. The DAS array consisted of 250-meters of trench in which three layers of cable were laid one on top of each other. The bottom layers was cemented, the middle layer was covered with fine rock powder, and the top layer was loose without cover. A 23-kg weight imparting 208 J of energy was the seismic source at a dozen locations around the cable. The weight drop triggered one minute of DAS recording. Two mine blasts at distances of about 200 and 450-m were also recorded. The approximately two hours of data from September 27-28 are available on PubDAS at 1000 Hz.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/5S_2017
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