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2J (2012-2015): Seismological Observation of the Central-Northern Ecuadorian Subduction

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FDSN code 2J (2012-2015) Network name Seismological Observation of the Central-Northern Ecuadorian Subduction (JUAN)
Start year 2012 Operated by
End year 2015 Deployment region -

The JUAN network aims to contribute to the understanding of recursive seismological swarms occurring in the area (subduction of Carnegie Ridge, Ecuador, Northern Andes) and their relation with slow ruptures.

The network is composed of 12 temporary stations (road band sensor Reftek compact trillium 120 + acquisition Reftek 130 from Instituto Geofisico de la Escuela Polictenica Nacional (IG-EPN); Deployment and field : IRD researcher and IG-EPN) that densify the Ecuadorian permanent network from IG-EPN

Installation period varies in time.

Fundings : INSU-CNRS; BQR Observatoire Côte d’Azur; BQR Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis; Géoazur; IRD – LMI SVAN; ANR and; Senacyt; EPN;

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/2J_2012
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