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2F (2010-2011): OMBRA seismic network

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FDSN code 2F (2010-2011) Network name OMBRA seismic network (OMBRA)
Start year 2010 Operated by
End year 2011 Deployment region -

The OMBRA (Observing Montello BRoad Activity) project aimed at investigating the active tectonics and seismogenic potential of the Montello area, Northeast Italy. The temporary seismic network covered a region of ca. 60 km x 40 km in the Montello area and was operative from June 2010 to early November 2011. We deployed 12 seismic stations, all equipped with a three-component Lennartz LE-3D/5 s sensor and a Reftek-130 digitizer. The continuous data streams were recorded on removable state disks.

The OMBRA network provided very good improvement of the seismic detection threshold with respect to the permanent National Seismic Network (IV) only. With this seismic network, we detected and located 142 local events of ML 0.5 – 3.5 in the area between latitudes 45.6°N and 46.3°N, and longitudes 11.5°E and 12.6°E with good reliability (RMS < 0.5). For the same time span and region, the Italian Seismic Bulletin ( reported 43 local events only. As expected, this local seismic network improved the location of a large number of small events (ML < 2.0) and increased the quality of the locations for the larger events.


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