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2B (2007-2009): PUDEL Network, Argentina, 2007-2009

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FDSN code 2B (2007-2009) Network name PUDEL Network, Argentina, 2007-2009 (PUDEL)
Start year 2007 Operated by
End year 2009 Deployment region

The seismic array is part of a collaborative international passive-source seismic experiment in the southern Puna (25°S to 28°S) that aims to address fundamental questions on the processes that form, modify and destroy continental lithosphere and control lithospheric dynamics along Andean-type continental margins. The southern Puna is anomalous with respect to the rest of the Andean plateau in having a distinct magmatic and structural history, a large deficit in crustal shortening compared to its elevation and an underlying slab with a transitional dip between a steeper segment to the north and the Chilean flat-slab to the south. With the international project we proposed to test the hypothesis of the lithospheric delamination beneath the southern Puna. The total network consists of 75 seismic stations and has been operated in Argentina and chile for 2 years. The GFZ has contributed 30 stations with EarthData logger (EDL). Sensors include broadband Güralp 3ESP (60 s) and 3T (100 s) and short-period Mark L4 (1 s).

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.14470/7O092361
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