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2A (2017-2019): Sorsdal_Glacier_17-18

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FDSN code 2A (2017-2019) Network name Sorsdal_Glacier_17-18 (Sorsdal)
Start year 2017 Operated by
End year 2019 Deployment region

The network is located on Sørsdal Glacier, a moderately-sized marine-terminating outlet glacier that is easily accessible from Davis Station, Antarctica. Every austral summer Sørsdal Glacier experiences melting in its lower reaches and heavily crevassed ice tongue, with extensive melt ponding. Lakes, each several square-kilometers in size, form and drain perennially, although the mechanisms by which they do so are unclear. The network consists of nine 4.5 Hz GS-11D Geophones with Reftek data loggers around one of the supraglacial lake. In addition, we will deploy four Guralp DMC-40TDs at the ice surface along the hypothesized shallow englacial drainage pathway, where exact positions will be determined from existing and new GPR data as well as field safety considerations. Based on previous experience in Greenland and West Antarctica we expect these seismometers to allow temporal changes in the seismic noise field associated with englacial water flow and weak basal seismic events to be characterized.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/2A_2017
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