International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Network Codes

The following network codes are assigned by the FDSN to facilitate unique identifiers for seismological data streams.

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Network Code Network Name Operated By Deployment DOI
TG Royal Irrigation Department
  • Royal Irrigation Department (RID), Thailand
RN RuhrNet - Seismic Network of the Ruhr-University Bochum
RW Rwanda National Seismic Network
S0 Sakhalin Regional Seismic Network of the Russian Federation
  • Sakhalin Branch of the Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences
SF San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth
  • Stanford University, United States of America
SU Sandia Seismo-Acoustic Network
  • Sandia National Laboratories, United States of America
United States of America
SA Saudi Arabia Broadband Seismic Network Saudi Arabia
SD Schlumberger Multiple Countries
SO Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), United States of America
United States of America DOI
LV Seismic Data in North West of UK United Kingdom DOI
UD Seismic Network Main Center of Special Monitoring
BY Seismic Network of Belarus
  • The Centre of Geophysical Monitoring of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Belarus
Belarus DOI
FB Seismic Network of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
WS Seismic Network of Repuplika Srpska
  • Republicki Hidrometeorološki Zavod, Serbia
Bosnia and Herzegovina
RU Seismic network of the European part of the Russian Federation
  • Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GSRAS), Russian Federation
VG Seismic Network of the Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation
SL Seismic Network of the Republic of Slovenia
QZ Seismic network of the Seismological Experience and Methodology Expedition CS MES RK
TT Seismic Network of Tunisia
SR Seismic Research Observatory
FI Seismo-acoustic Network of the University of Florence
S Seismographs in Schools Network
DU Seismological Association of Australia
  • Seismological Association of Australia Inc. (SAA), Australia
HC Seismological Network of Crete
  • Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece
UE Seismological Network of United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
OS Seismological Observatory, Brasilia Brazil Brazil
S8 SensorEra Seismic Network DOI
SJ Serbian Seismological Network
SV Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales (SNET), El Salvador
  • Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales (SNET), El Salvador
G3 Servicio Sismologico IN3, UMG Guatemala, Centro America DOI
CW Servicio Sismologico Nacional de Cuba
EW ShakeAlert - Earthquake Early Warning System California
SH Shumagin-East Aleutian Network
  • Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University (LDEO), United States of America
MS Singapore Seismological Network
OG Sismalp
  • Observatoire de Grenoble, Grenoble, France
SK Slovak National Seismic Network
  • Geophysical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
SW Solomon Islands Seismology & Volcanology Network
  • Solomon Islands Geoscience Observatory (Seismology Unit), Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands
SQ South African National Seismograph Network
  • Council for Geoscience, Geological Survey (CG), South Africa
SP South Carolina Earth Physics Project
  • University of South Carolina, United States of America
CO South Carolina Seismic Network
  • University of South Carolina, United States of America
SE Southeastern Appalachian Cooperative Seismic Network
  • None,
A1 Southern African Co-located Academic Network
  • Pangaea Geophyics and Geodesy Working Group, South Africa
South Africa
CI Southern California Seismic Network
SN Southern Great Basin Network
IG Southern Spain Broadband Seismic Network Spain
ES Spanish Digital Seismic Network
  • Instituto Geografico Nacional, Spain, Spain
OZ SRC eqServer
UP Swedish National Seismic Network
  • Uppsala University, Sweden
HF Swedish Seismic Array Network
  • Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Sweden

Network Data API

The network data shown here is also available programmatically through a web service API.