International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Network Codes

The following network codes are assigned by the FDSN to facilitate unique identifiers for seismological data streams.

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Network Code Network Name Operated By Deployment DOI
ZM (2007-2013) A Broadband Seismic Experiment to Image the Lithosphere beneath the Gamburtsev Mountains, East Antarctica
  • Saint Louis University, United States of America
XO (2018-2019) AACSE: Alaska Amphibious Community seismic Experiment
  • Cornell University, United States of America
ZF (2002-2002) Aachen
  • GEOFON Program (GFZ-Potsdam, Germany), Germany
4N (2024-2025) 4N - New Jersey 2024 Earthquake Sequence
  • University of Texas at Austin, United States of America
9L (2019-2019) 4-D investigation of the hydrological properties of playas of the Southern High Pains
  • Texas Tech University, United States of America
ZD (2014-2019) 4D Integrated Study Using Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Modeling & Rock Mechanics to Develop Assessment Models for Potential In
  • University of Oklahoma (OU), United States of America
YX (2001-2002) 3FCorinth Tomography
XI (2005-2005) 3D Tomographic Imaging of the Chicxulub Crater
  • Imperial College London, United Kingdom
ZP (2004-2006) 3D Site Amplification at Sion, Valais, Switzerland Switzerland DOI
9F (2021-2022) 2-year seismological experiment near Fagradalsfjall, Reykjanes peninsula in 2021/22 DOI
ZG (2015-2021) 27F2 SOW 019 (is the official name of the well)
6V (2022-2022) 2022 Ridgecrest Nodal Array
  • UC San Diego, United States of America
3A (2022-2022) 2022 Cascadia node deployment
  • South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
9C (2019-2026) 2019 Copiapo
9K (2018-2018) 2018 FaultScan San Jacinto Fault dense array experiment DOI
8G (2016-2017) 2016 Pedernales Earthquake Aftershock Deployment Ecuador
  • Lehigh University, United States of America
7C (2014-2014) 2014 NAPA Earthquake Response
  • USGS Menlo Park, United States of America
1F (2010-2010) 2010 Haiti aftershocks OBS experiment DOI
YI (2010-2010) 2009 Malawi Earthquake RAMP Response
XU (2003-2003) 2003 Fort Payne, AL, Aftershock Network
  • University of Memphis, CERI, United States of America
ZR (2019-2019) 1-month seismological experiment on Etna, Italy in 2019 DOI

Network Data API

The network data shown here is also available programmatically through a web service API.