International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks

Network Codes

The following network codes are assigned by the FDSN to facilitate unique identifiers for seismological data streams.

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Network Code Network Name Operated By Deployment DOI
PZ Prince Islands Real-time Earthquake monitoring System
  • GFZ Potsdam, BU-Kandilli
PY Piñon Flats Observatory Array
  • UC San Diego
PX Parkfield Experiment Array
  • Duke University
United States of America
PW Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array
  • Central Washington University
United States of America DOI
PV Philippine Seismic Network Philippines
PT Pacific Tsunami Warning Seismic System
PS Pacific21
PR Puerto Rico Seismic Network & Puerto Rico Strong Motion Program
PQ Public Safety Geoscience Program Canadian Research Network
  • Geological Survey of Canada
PP Princeton Earth Physics Program
  • Princeton University
PO Portable Observatories for Lithospheric Analysis and Research Investigating Seismicity
  • Geological Survey of Canada
PN PEPP-Indiana
  • Indiana University Bloomington (IU Bloomington)
PM Portuguese National Seismic Network
  • Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, I.P. (IPMA)
PL Polish Seismological Network
  • Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) Polskiej Akademii Nauk
PK Micro Seismic Monitoring System of Northern Areas of Pakistan
PI PASSCAL Pier Test Data
PH Puna Geothermal Network
  • Duke University
United States of America
PG Central Coast Seismic Network, PG&E
  • Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
PF Piton de la Fournaise Volcano Observatory Network (Reunion Island)
PE Pennsylvania State Seismic Network
  • Penn State University
PD Polish Seismic Monitoring Network
  • Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) Polskiej Akademii Nauk
PC Panama Canal Network Panama
PB Plate Boundary Observatory Borehole Seismic Network
PA ChiriNet
P1 Porto Corsini DOI

Network Data API

The network data shown here is also available programmatically through a web service API.