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CMB - Columbia College, California

  Information for CMB as of February 1994
Station: Columbia College, California
Director: Dr. Barbara Romanowicz Network Affiliation: UCB/IRIS/USGS-GSN/BDSN
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
475 McCone Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley CA 94720-4760
Network Contact:
Berkeley Digital Seismograph Network
475 McCone Hall
University of California
Berkeley CA 94720
Telephone: (510) 642-3977 Open Station: No
Fax: (510) 643-5811 Parent Organization:
University of California
Latitude: 38.0350N
Longitude: 120.3850W
Elevation to Sensor: 719
Depth to Sensor: 0
Geology: Crystalized limestone outcropping.
Vault Conditions: Vault is a buried fiberglass cylinder, eight feet in diameter and six feet deep. It has a flat top at grade level with a hatch for entry. The floor is poured concrete.
Site Description:
  Addresses from which to obtain data.
Station Instrumentation
1. Berkeley Digital Seismograph Network: [ BK ] 26 Jun 1992 to Present
Digital Seismograph System - (Similar to DWWSN) [ DW ] 15 Mar 1989 to 01 Jun 1992
3. Digital World Wide Seismograph System: [ DW ] 06 Nov 1986 to 14 Mar 1989