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ZP (2016-2019): Seismic Investigation of South Central Oklahoma

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FDSN code ZP (2016-2019) Network name Seismic Investigation of South Central Oklahoma (SISCO)
Start year 2016 Operated by
  • University of Oklahoma (OU), United States of America
End year 2019 Deployment region

Seismicity in south central Oklahoma is nothing new, but remains poorly understood due to lack of nearby monitoring stations. A noticeable increase in seismic activity in south central Oklahoma prompts us to investigate whether or not this is related to other more-active regions of the state. This project aims to strengthen the network coverage in the area is to provide researchers better data to investigate the source physics of these seismic events. Further motivation for densifying the network coverage in south central Oklahoma is to get a lower magnitude of detection, which will allow us to better image seismogenic faults, which are often unmapped or unknown. The information gained from this project, along with other multi-disciplinary approaches, such as potential field and rock mechanics data, are crucial to developing better seismic hazard assessment in the study area.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/ZP_2016
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