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ZP (2003-2003): Shear-Velocity Profile Along the San Gabriel River, Southern CA

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FDSN code ZP (2003-2003) Network name Shear-Velocity Profile Along the San Gabriel River, Southern CA (San Gabriel River ReMi)
Start year 2003 Operated by
End year 2003 Deployment region -

We will acquire a continuous profile of shallow shear-velocitymeasurements across the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley basins.The profile will use the refraction microtremor method of Louie (2001).An array of 45-120 Texans with 4.5-Hz phones will belaid out at 20-m intervals along the San Gabriel RiverBike Path, and rolled along in 15-sensor increments.Each array increment is kept in place at least 10 minutesto record microtremor noise. Fieldwork is expected totake 17 full days. Equipment will be in the field 20-25 days.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/ZP_2003
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