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ZH (2020-2020): The Valencia-Islalink Distributed Acoustic Sensing Experiment

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FDSN code ZH (2020-2020) Network name The Valencia-Islalink Distributed Acoustic Sensing Experiment (Valencia)
Start year 2020 Operated by
  • University of Michigan
End year 2020 Deployment region -

The Valencia-Islalink experiment used a pre-installed telecommunication fiber-optic cable operated by IslaLink Holding Iberia S.L. and connecting the Spanish peninsula to Mallorca Island from Valencia to Palma de Mallorca. From September 1st to September 15th, 2020, a Febus A1-R interrogator unit was connected to the Valencia side to sample the first 50 km of the cable. The cable location provided by the cable operator, indicates that the first 9,189 m are on land. According to the installation report, the remaining 40,811 m are buried about 1 m below the Mediterranean seabed. Data were acquired at a sampling frequency of 1000 Hz, with a gauge length of 30.4 m and a spatial resolution of 16.8 m, resulting in a dense seismic array of 2977 channels. The data from September 1st to September 7th are continuous and available on PubDAS at 250 Hz.

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