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Z4 (2006-2008): DESIRE

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FDSN Network Information

FDSN code Z4 (2006-2008) Network name DESIRE
Start year 2006 Operated by
  • GEOFON Program (GFZ-Potsdam, Germany), Germany
End year 2008 Deployment region

For the seismology part of DESIRE 38 short period stations and 27 broadband stations were deployed in the area of the southern Dead Sea basin in Israel and Jordan. The deployment was covering the basin as well as the shoulders of the basin. The average spacing was 2.5 km in Jordan and 4.5 km in Israel. Due to problems with vandalism and thefts in some locations in Israel so we lost some stations and had to dismantle all stations in unguarded areas. For the redeployment of these stations in June 2007 the study area was enlarged to the North and to the South. This network configuration made it appropriate to observe the local microearthquake activities as well as teleseismic events. The (micro)seismicity, its distribution and its properties were an important subject of the investigation. Furthermore the seismic events can be used to study the deeper structure of the DSB, which can be supported by investigations using teleseismic events.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.14470/M97551339354
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