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XU (1996-1997): Broadband Crust/Upper Mantle Studies Around New Zealand

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FDSN code XU (1996-1997) Network name Broadband Crust/Upper Mantle Studies Around New Zealand (SAPSE II)
Start year 1996 Operated by
End year 1997 Deployment region

PASSCAL BB instruments were deployed on S Island, in conjunction withthe S. Alpine Passive Experiment. In order to cover the entire region of interest, coverage was extended to Macquarie Island and Riverview in Austrialia, to Chatham Island and N. Island of NZ. Although surface wave tomography and its interpretation are the primary objectives, SKS polarization and several other body wave studies are anticipated. The data will be analyzed with the addition of data from a temp Australian National Univ. array in N.S.W and GSN, Geoscope, and other stations in SW Pacific.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/XU_1996
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