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8E (2021-2021): PACIFIC multi array for ambient noise seismic survey at Kallak Iron ore deposit (KALLAK)

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FDSN code 8E (2021-2021) Network name PACIFIC multi array for ambient noise seismic survey at Kallak Iron ore deposit (KALLAK) (Kallak multi array)
Start year 2021 Operated by
End year 2021 Deployment region -

Kallak site, Sweden, is a proven ore deposits under current exploration, operated by Beowulf Mining (; Claeson et al., 2018). During Fall 2021, a 3D multi-array has been installed and recored continuously for 22 days. In total, 19 3C sensors were installed and cemented in 8 existing boreholes and 221 nodes were installed at the surface (31 3C and 190 1C). Among the 221 nodes from the surface array, 3 were lost due to animal activities and the presence of pounds that weren't ther when installing the sensors.
The surface array was composed of the 3C array (31 nodes) which had a grid of 30 meters and located above the borehole sensors. The 3C array was surrounded by the 1C array (190 nodes) that covered a larger surface with a grid of 100 meters between sensors.
The vertical sensors were manufactured by IMS in South Africa and shipped to Sweden. The sensors consist of 9 x 14 Hz geophone elements connected in parallel and in series for each sensing component to increase sensitivity. In total, 27 geophone elements were used for each 3C sensor.

The 3C and 1C component nodes installed at the surface were Smartsolos IGU16 HR 5Hz rented to Georeva. Kallak is located in a remote area.
To generate high frequency noise, a compactor and a 4x4 car were used intermittently over 3 days.


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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/8E_2021
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