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2C (2008-2009): Resonant signature of hydrocarbon and CO2 reservoirs

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FDSN code 2C (2008-2009) Network name Resonant signature of hydrocarbon and CO2 reservoirs (Hydrocarbon Resonance)
Start year 2008 Operated by
  • Wright State University
End year 2009 Deployment region -

(Jim Fowler indicated to me at a meeting a while back that there usually is an opportunity to make a short-term request for a hand full of instruments. I am curious what might be possible in the schedule in the next few months.)My colleague, Doyle Watts, and I at Wright State University would like to find out if we might be able to use on the order of 5-7 three-component instruments (i.e., Guralp CMG 3T with RefTek A/D recorders w/ GPS clocks). We would want the instruments for a 1-2 month duration, but we are completely open/flexible about exactly when it would happen. Both of us would be able to visit the Instrument Center at a convenient time for the staff there for the instrument training.We wish to use these 5-7 instruments to collect one or more pilot data sets spanning an oil/gas field to test whether the phenomenon of a 'resonant' frequency spike as reported by researchers in Norway and Switzerland is spatially associated with the reservoir. Those researchers have published a number of reviewed articles on the phenomena and method, and even started a commercial operation Spectraseis ( for commercialization of this approach to detecting oil-gas deposits. However, the physical cause of the purported apparent resonant frequency spike is not well understood. We wish to examine if/whether such a signal is indeed associated with hydrocarbon deposits at well defined reservoirs in one or more locations in the Ohio-Indiana region (i.e., nearby our location for logistically simplicity). Moreover, we wish to assess whether the method may have applicability to the monitoring of injected CO2 at sites of geologic carbon-sequestration.This is a pilot study which may provide the basis for a subsequent full proposal.Ship and Return dates are very flexible.

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Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.7914/SN/2C_2008
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