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1J (1996-2016): Long Valley Caldera Full Waveform Tomography

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FDSN code 1J (1996-2016) Network name Long Valley Caldera Full Waveform Tomography (LVCFWI)
Start year 1996 Operated by
  • USGS Menlo Park, United States of America
End year 2016 Deployment region -

Data described here was used in Flinders et al. 2018 as source data for a full waveform ambient noise tomography project centered around the Long Valley Caldera, California. Source seismograms were Rayleigh-wave ambient noise cross-correlations, derived from all seismic stations within 150 km of the caldera over the past 26 years, supplemented with Rayleigh-wave records from eleven large regional earthquakes (Figure 1, Data Table 1/2). The compiled data set includes Empirical Green’s Functions (EGF) from the ambient noise cross-correlations and earthquake seismograms. Earthquake records have had their instrument responses removed and bandpass filtered over the range 1-40s. Only waveforms used in at least one iteration for at least one tomographic frequency band are included; 2396 EGFs and 141 earthquake seismograms.

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